Are they cancelling the drill motor?

I heard they’re cancelling the drill motor… thats fine w/ me just wondering are they gonna add any more new motors or anything or is that a secret… just making sure cuz i’ve started some work on an FP/CHip tranny…


please refer to this thread for further detals

Well speculation began based on them selling 1000 left over drill motors
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But included in another yard sale were the Fisher Price, window, seat and van door motors
FIRST Yard Sale .pdf

So if you want to assume what they sell in the off season won’t show up in the kit next year. Then based on that logic, we would only get the globes and CIM’s. But if you were a vendor selling discount motors to FIRST in bulk, maybe they just have an agreement to keep the inventory flowing, so FIRST is selling the leftovers off at cost. Then just replenishing the stock with another next generation batch. Or possibly they chose another model. Say they had 1000 motors (which is enough for only 1/2 the team kits, and last years specific model was discontinued. They would have to give out 1/2 of one kind and 1/2 of another. Which I don’t think would be a big deal but you never know. So maybe they chose to get all the same kind of the next run?
But - Last year FIRST put a lot of energy into getting us the 1/2 drills and included specialized motor mounts. So it does seem strange that they would abandon that already.
Regardless of what we speculate - FIRST hasn’t come out and said what we’re getting, nor would they. So whatever designs you come up with - you should really allow for adaptability and keep the final touches for after kickoff so you can get your BOM and orders out quick. I think a lot of us will be redoing gear ratios a week after kickoff and then hoping for the stock to be out there.