Are Toy Blimps Allowed?

Is the use of those toy fan propelled blimps allowed at the regional competitions? I know use of communication devices are prohibited (2-way radios) while video transmitters are allowed. Now the radio frequency of this blimp is the internationally accepted “27Mhz” allotted for radio-controlled toys, so I’m guessing that’s different than the frequency used for the robot transmitters.

Does anybody know for sure of the rule on this?



I think it depends on how you use it. Also, the venue might have rules on it. So long as it dosn’t violate and of the venues rules and you arn’t being obnoxious or distracting the drivers durring matches, I say go for it.

The bot’s all run at 900 mhz. RC cars and the like deffintly will not interfere with any of the bot’s, or vice versa.

I would think that the biggest concern would be the venue, There have got to be rules about this kinda thing…

Besides, with all the heaters vents and air currents in these big open gyms and such, pioleting a blimp would be quite a test. I’ve played with them outside before, if theres any wind they get pushed around very easily.

It would be cool though…

-Andy A.

The air conditioning system will be your biggest hazard. I was at a large hobby show where the blimp somebody had for demos was stuck up against the induction grille for most of the day.

The story was that while the pilot had avoided the induction grille, he got pushed there when he got too close to a vent and the blimp moved in an unexpected direction.

They had to shut down the air conditioning to get it free. Check with the venue before flight and avoid anything that looks like it might be for moving air.

Of course that was a decade or so ago, so the more modern versions might be less susceptable to this sort of thing.

Since you would be using a transmitter in the arena, I’d double check with FIRST as well. Try using the FRC group.

If they let you and you’re bringing it to San Jose or LA can I try flying it?

If I was going to your regional I would be happy to let you fly, but unfortunately our team is only going to the Great Lake Regional in Michigan. I did call FIRST and they have no rule against it, but they did say it would be a good idea to check with the venue. And if we have to (because of drafts) we might just anchor the blimp to our pit area with fishing line and just have it fly in circles above us.

Thanks everyone!