Are we allowed to reflect LEDs for tracking purposes?

For example, if we were to reflect a red colored LED off the spider legs for tracking and positioning purposes, would this be legal?

I can’t see why not. We tried something similar with IR, but found that unless we were at pretty close to 90 degrees to the diamond plate that it reflected too much of the light away from us, and not enough back to us.

Mind you, in the right application that could be a benefit… not a setback.

So long as your lights do NOT interfere with the teams tracking the green light, and are not INTENDED to interfere with other teams sensors, then you are pretty much good to go.


We tried using Banner sensors to pick up the diamond plate as well. Like Jason said, it doesn’t work well with any non-perpendicular of angle of incidence.

But feel free to try.

Frinkahedron, I just want to remind you that whatever said here is not official by any means. This particular question, however, has been addressed in the FIRST Q&A by the GDC.

The answer is not concrete as in it’s going to depend on your individual situation. You might be able to use it, but then again on Competition Day, they may say you cannot.

Inspectors will ask to see your lighted device to check for compliance. As the Q&A states, it is not possible to make a determination without seeing it in action. The reasons stated thus far, interference with robot, driver or camera will be of particular concern. Field judges will also be watching your robot on the field while you are competing.

Alright, thanks for the replies! :slight_smile: