Are you a NERD?

Do you take pride in the fact that FIRST HQ is in Manchester NH?

Does the word “Wicked” show up a little more in your vocabulary than the average FIRST person?

Do you stress Defense over Offense?

Do you curse everytime the midwest has a team in the championship winning alliance?

Do you think that regionals were much better at New Hampshire College?

Do the letters UTC mean more than just a company to you?

Have you heard the phrase “How ya doin!” and thought of Bridgewater Mass. instead of New York City?

Do you miss Rumble at the Rock?

Do you even remember Rumble at the Rock?

Is your motto…“Why score? There are three robots on the field that I call targets!”

Do you feel that winning Battlecry carries more weight than any regional outside of New England?

Have you ever broken your robot at a pre-season scrimmage event?

Did you think it was really cool when it happened?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…you might be a NERD…

NERDS ‘06’…the best team, is one that is made of many…

Comming soon…

I found that morsel of a list delicious. :smiley:

Very realistic stuff too. TEeehee.

So Andy, what does NERD stand for? New England Robotics…?

New England Robotics Dork :slight_smile:

Wow, is it bad to say yes to ALL of them?

Interesting prolouge Andy, you’ve got me waiting to see the NERDs

I dunno, but i answered yes to them all to… :rolleyes:


…Domicile…Delegation…Diplomacy…Democracy…any of these im sure would work…

I am most definitely a NERD :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of that stuff was before my time though.

I’m thinking this is about some New England Robotics DOMINATION in 2006…bring it on, Grady. I’m looking forward to it.

Ahem… Manch-Vegas Thank you very much… :cool:

is it sad that i almost went out an bought an entire outfit of denims?

Nah, that’s not sad, that’s very very disturbing.

Ahem…Elgin, I’m barely allowed to use the term “Manch-vegas” and I live here!

Otherwise you would be correct.

By the way…good guess work everyone…

Of course you can guess the name all you want…but what does it truely mean?

I guess we’ll find out soon.

NERDS ‘06’…Taking FIRST to the next level.

So now NERD has a logo and several guesses at its meaning. Any plans for an unveiling?

I believe there is an official candy, too.

What is the official candy?

w00t 400th post! (and still have never got a quote spotlighted…)

i wanna be a n.e.r.d. wohooo! revenge of the N.E.R.D.'s haha :yikes:

What if C-A-T really spelled Dog? :rolleyes: Yay Ogre.*

[size=2]*(No, not the one from Team 173. :stuck_out_tongue: )[/size]

Will NERD debut at BattleCry? :slight_smile:

I was voted biggest NERD, Kokomo High class of 2005! Oh yeah! :yikes: