Are you a Vocational H.S

I would like to know how many Vocational High School competed this year.

I was the other. Team 365 is made up of 8 highschools in the local area, but none are vocational, sorry.

Can I vote twice for both my teams??

And what about the fact 401 comes from multiple high schools, some of them vocational, some not?

And what about public governors schools?

yeah, of course SOMEONE has to make this difficult…

our team is a public high school, but a team that we started, 829 is a vocational school. their school is Walker Career Center

We’ve got a public High School and the local Voc. Tech school as well on our team, but our base is the public high school.

We also have a handful of college students involved as well, graduates of the team as well as oddball college stragglers like me!

Team 550 WCTS Robotics is situated in Warren County Technical school, a vocational highschool in northwest New Jersey. There is a motion to merge with team 551 from Belvedere High, a public school in the same vicinity as WCTS. Personally, I’m against that motion, but it doesn’t look as though it will pass anyway.

Oye, this is such a long question when I get this, but here goes -

Our team is in a very interesting situation. We’re from one school, The New Horizons Regional Education Center. Its one building that serves many seperate functions. There are adult education class at night and weekends, and high school students during the day. High school students are split up into two categories, the first of which is Vocational Training. The second are students in The Governor’s School for Science and Technology (what I’m a part of). Each student in Vocational or Governor’s school spends half his day, either the morning session or afternoon, at New Horizons and the other half of the day at their home high school. So while we’re only one school, we draw out of 17 total.

~Tom Fairchild~, who hopes that all made sense.

You silly Virginians, you always have to make things difficult :wink: Well, team 86 is one public school but its a magnet school… Silly kids are so smart that they aren’t at all. A few of them have managed to keep a small amount of common sense but not many.