Are you allowed to serve food/drink in your booth at the competition?

We’re thinking of serving some fries and tea. Is that allowed?

Typically food and drink aren’t allowed in the pits. They’re a bit more lenient on teams having water, since water is helpful, but I would doubt that they’d be okay with a miniature food stand.

Every regional I’ve been to has had a no food or drink policy in the pits. Some teams have water and some hard candy since it can get very dry and you don’t want people dehydrated. But I doubt highly fries and tea would be allowed. Nice gesture though.

You probably shouldn’t, not only because they tend not to like food/drink in the pits (at the Iowa regional, they went as far to print off signs and leave them in everyone’s pits between days 1 and 2), but also because they don’t like teams selling things out of the pits. Besides, you need that space for tools and the robot anyway!

You could ask the event organizers if you could set up something up in the stands/concession area, but this may also be a problem if the venue wants people to buy their stuff instead.

Thanks all, looks like we’re not going to do it. (We were planning on giving it for free, not selling it but still just the same.)

In the past there was a rule about not giving out food, please double check. If you choose to give, make sure they are free of nuts, egg, shell fish etc, the most common allergens.

I’m planning on handing out cheesecake, is that allowed? :rolleyes:

… here it is

E08. Do not sell any products. This includes food, hats, shirts or any promotional products.

E09. Do not distribute any food products, such as candy, water, soft drinks or fruit.

FYI: In one of the Michigan district event I was not allowed to drink water in pits after we concluded play offs. At some events they don’t mind water, but they do not allow food. Personally I would stay off from distributing food.

Sorry no food or drink. I’ve been yelled at for having an empty cup! water is typically allowed if it is in a closed container. make sure the container is leak and spill resistant though cause i don’t think you want to fry your robot.

Only if it’s consensual.

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I believe about 3 years ago, they put 1/2 dozen doughnuts in each pit one morning at Champs.

So when FIRST does it, it’s okay? #AllRulesMatter.

In all seriousness, it’s for your own safety. I like getting my iron in my diet separate from my water, thank you. :wink:

I’m handing out tacos and burritos, is that allowed and which is better?

You really shouldn’t.

It’s only allowed if you give them all to me.

Prohibiting water is just plain wrong. Regardless of what contracts the lawyers drew up, I would encourage all coaches, mentors, and students to do what they need to do to keep people hydrated during these gruelling events. And I would encourage organizers and volunteers to spend their finite energies however they see fit. I can understand it when paid venue employees go after kids with water bottles as part of their job (it’s still stupid in the larger scheme), but it is senseless for FIRST volunteers to give a [hoot] if a kid brings an outside bottle of water into an arena.

During play offs, some teams bring cold water near staging area (close to field) and share with others. During our first play off matches, this was a blessing! That’s the time when the auditorium is jam packed and hot. Then you have the team members trying to do everything they can and it gets pretty hot.

The no-food policy in pits makes sense. I don’t know if they enforce this rule anywhere outside pits.

I can see why open containers such as cups and mugs aren’t allowed for water, as they could be easily knocked over in the pits. However, water bottles that can be sealed(including pre-bottled water) should be allowed.

I think the food policy largely depends on the venue. I’ve heard both, though I would think that food isn’t allowed in the queue or near the field at any event.

Yep! Champs in 2014… 6 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in every pit… Granted they were sealed, and that is the best way to distribute one of anything to each team, still not a great idea in my opinion if they don’t want consumption in the pits.