Are you allowed to use homemade boost converters on the 2019 Robot?

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Are you allowed to use homemade boost converters in the 2019 Robot? The thing that steps up 12 volts to a higher voltage.

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Not really sure why you’d want a homemade boost converter on your robot. I think it should be legal as long as you don’t break R52. Expect a lot of scrutiny from inspectors if you’re doing your own circuitry.

Eh, we don’t care if you do your own circuitry as long as it’s behind an appropriate breaker and follows R52 (no voltages over 24v). So if you’re just boosting up to 24v for some industrial sensors, it’s fine.

If you’re trying to get 120ac to run a leaf blower or something, then no.

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As part of a custom circuit, sure, up to 24V - but this is not to control actuators. If you’re planning to power/control motors, you should note R63.

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If the FTA’s notice a correlation between your robot being turned on and anomalies in the FMS or other robots, they will probably ask you to remove your custom circuit before allowing you to turn your robot on again.

While it is not that difficult to find a basic circuit on the internet or on a chip manufacturer’s website, it is more difficult to ensure that what you have built does not emit electrical interference that negatively affects other electrical equipment nearby. Overall, it may take less effort on your part to find other components that do not need voltages higher than 12V.

A boost convertor would considered a custom circuit under the rules. A quick way to get 24 Volts is to use an output on a PCM that is jumpered for 24 V. The down side is that you loose it when the robot is disabled.

A reasonable buck-boost converter is like $10 on Amazon. Why use your own?