Are you going to Atlanta?

Are you going to Atlanta?

indeed i am…

With zebra stripes on

Our team needs to fundraise the $5,000.00 by tomorrow. So far, we have 1.5k dollars. We may go, but it’s highly improbable :frowning:

Personally, no.:frowning:

teams: both (1135 won’t be FRC; they’ll be FLL 127 and FTC 542), 330 as L.A. champion

O yes! It’s my first time, and I can’t wait! :smiley:

i’ll be there all four days, i’ll be out for a while on Thursday though :frowning:

YES!!! And i’m a little exited:D :yikes: :smiley:

I would be… talked AA into a ticket, but alas, my english proffessor won’t let me miss 3 days without penalty.

yah 343 is going to be in tha house


I’ll be there with team 2430. CAN’T WAIT!

Let’s make this a little easier on everyone.

Yes, if we can get the money, only 5k more… :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me guess? Deedar? If so, i’m going to Chicago for ours, and then coming to Atlanta for Worlds!

so… YES! i’m (we’re) goingggg. :smiley:

We weren’t going to go…

But then we won midwest… and we said… yeah we might go… and then we went to boilermaker… and we said… yeah we’ll go… and then we went to cleveland… and we said… OK OK WE’LL GO ALREADY! :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Can’t wait to see you all there!


I will be there and I will have massive amounts of fun. We need more people to play hacky sack with so please join.

Dustin will be there!! Lol but seriously yeah I’ll be there. I stick out like a sore thumb so just look for the dude with the orange and blue with the afro.

Aren’t you guys happy with three wins this season… do you have to win every event you go to?
How bout letting someone else win for once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go get em Kila! :smiley:

Just make sure I get a Kil-A-Bytes’s shirt!