Are you good at video games (detailed)?

Well, I was just wondering if there are people who suck at video games or pwn them like it was nothing. I had to make a first post somehow, so yeah. I’m an expert at most games. Heck, may even be looking for a challenge ;). Any online game that I may have that maybe you may have, heck we’ll play it. (sry for the lame messaging but I’m trying, heh :o).

I can play one mean game of Ms. Pac-man

Don’t mess with me on any of the NASCAR THUNDER games. LOL

Heh, I’m pretty good at racing games, but nascar where you drive in a track and stuff… meh, not my thing. Now racing games like grand turismo 3 and Need for Speed: Hot Persuit 2, THOES games rock! Extreme action :smiley:

I guess my issue is that I’m just not that interested in video games at all. I used to play a few way back in the years but I’ve lost interest (the little interest I ever had). And I don’t have time to play video games … its insane how little time I have :ahh: . If I had any extra time I’m trying to dedicate it to play my guitar.

So the answer is … no I’m not good at playing video games at all. But its most likely because I haven’t tried … if I actually made an effort on it then I bet I’d be half decent at it :rolleyes: … or not.

Am I good at Video Games?

Well, it depends on what type of game your talking about. Games im real good at are…

-Soul Calibur 2 (mastered the Gamecube format)
-Mario Kart
-Street Fighter series (including Marvel vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. SNK)
-NHL Hitz
-Donkey Konga (i just played this at Best Buy and OMG Im hooked)

I’m pretty good.
I play CoD, CoD: UO, Age of Empires II, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, any football game, and pretty much any FPS I am good at.

Lets see…I play mostly RPGs, but im usually game for several FPS’…DoD, CS, CoD…
Have a clan in DoD, try for any player with |EVIL|…is likely us :slight_smile:

I am good at RPGs, Driving, Flight, and Strategy games.
I suck at fighting games and shooting games, so I guess it balances out to average.

For video games, I go on and off. I like the RTSG the most, like RCT and others. I like playing handheld games the most since you can play them where ever and whenever. It’s great, I can’t wait for the DS.

I’m pretty good at war games like CoD, RTCW, RTCW:ET, MOH, etc. It’s been a while since I’ve played ET… but I was pretty awesome at that game. I’m also decent at WC3… but that’s mostly just luck and my other teammates :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at Halo.

And Star Wars games, oh my am I good at Star Wars games. ::runs to go play Battlefront::…::then hesitates. Battlefront…or Galaxies?::

Super Mario Brothers 3



If you leave me alone for an hour or so with the game I can usually stand on my own after that
But I am mainly an RPG guy
Too bad no one has ever come up with a two player version of Final Fantasy Tactics (that would rock!)

I totally agree about Tactics. In my opinion, its the best game ever.

Meh… the ONLY FF game I haven’t played, lol. I even tried out the never released japan versions of final fantasy 2 and 3. Who’d knew :slight_smile:

…But then again, they’re hard as hell (or so I’ve heard, but the strategy on losing and gaining points in specific places intrests me, lol).

I play a lot of Sonic games, so I’m good at those. I played Super Smash Bros. Melee non-stop when I got it, and dominated 99.9% of it. Anything worth the challenge I end up beating in time, but it takes time.

Time time time time time… Something that is ALWAYS in our painful moments of life. Well, whoever is up for an online challenge at some half-life or DOOM (1 or 2), Quake 3, Quake 2, or Starsiege Tribes, give me a holla :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad no one has ever come up with a two player version of Final Fantasy Tactics (that would rock!)

Well if you count the version for the gameboy then there is a two player version of FFT.

im only good at ddr (better watch out jake) and madden games. othat than that i sukk