Are you meeting yet?

Just wondering how many FLL teams are starting to meet now. The team I mentor is begining their project and researching what we can before the season starts. I was just wondering how many other teams are meeting as well.

We are currently just planing, t-shirts, and various mentor stuff…

To get past that, our team just has the same shirt every year and a badge that changes with the year. Last year, we were TEAM(Tackling Everything And More) FIRST Aid. The year before, just TEAM. This year, they have yet to decide a food based name but that way, we can just use the same shirts and it costs a lot less.

I’ve been in the school a bit getting our FRC robot & drivers ready for offseason events; there have been a couple of parents & kids working on LEGO stuff in general while we’ve been there. From what I can tell, they’ve been working on line following and interactions with field elements. They always take a break when the older kids drive the big robot though.

We are trying to start the meetings. We just need teacher support.

We start on the 12th. Our big problem is our massive enrollment. We have two mentors at my school and expect more than 50 kids to sign up. Nice problem to have, but creates some logistical issues.

BTW, how did teams get and publish the mat and models before the 2nd?

Field sets and mats have been shipping for a month or more, and come complete with the disk of build instructions.

Placement of models on the mat was pure speculation before the challenge was released - sometimes with some very good guesses, but guesses nonetheless. Speculation on the missions was more random.

Well, hopefully ya’ll have started by now :stuck_out_tongue: