are you penaltyless?

I was just wondering what teams think they have had 0 line breaking penalties. We went to the Finger Lakes Regionals and we think we did not have a single penalty for breaking a line or for anything else (outside of practice matches…I rammed=P).

Well 326 only had one the whole weekend and is was for hitting while hurdling, but other than that we didn’t have any other penaltys

In 16 matches (10 qual and 6 elim) we had 1 penalty (<G22>).

Considering how many penalties were called at BAE, we did fairly well.

not a single penalty for 1414 at peachtree (we think). we went through 10 qualification matches and 5 elimination matches. too bad we wont be attending any other events this year…

We have no penalties right now.

This may change when we go to our first regional, however. :stuck_out_tongue:

…How do you impede a line? Is that even possible?

I don’t have any penalties! Then again, I don’t have a team, either…

Team 2199 had no penalties Friday or Saturday. We think we got one Thursday during a practice match, but it wasnt announced.

team 1086 was penalty free until the second match of the finals!! (which im very proud of because im an operator:D )

2144 had a single penalty over all qualifications and our quarterfinals at SVR. We had a bent wheel and could not control our robot during that one match, and hit the E-stop immediately after the penalty to avoid more.

1135 has no penalties over at least the last three seasons.

That may be because we haven’t competed since Championship 2005 and have yet to compete this year.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had 20 pushups from <G22> and 10 for going for the other alliance’s ball.

I’m glad to see other teams that are penalty free.

We only have one that I know of. In our first match, we had a tricky situation with our drive train, and our alliance decided we were going to start nearest to the line for the lane division.

Needless to say, the bot lurched forward & immediately went a half a foot foot over the line & stopped (not completely) but we got that one penalty during hybrid mode…

Oh well.

Starting nearest to that lane divider line at the beginning of the match can be tricky sometimes.

Be careful everyone!

That’s called “breaking the plane by moving in a clockwise direction” - see <G22>. You Impede other robots - see <G40>.

we had several breaking the plane penalties, two ramming penalties, but no others.

sorry for the mix up

1458 had 2 if I remember right. One was our first or second match the other was with 1280 and another lapbot we were relying on 1280 to hurdle and they got hung up on the overpass so we tried to push them backwards off of it, we got a penalty for doing this but our only chance of winning was getting them off the overpass.

I had two or three… but that was before we integrated PID into our driving code!

I was going to answer, but it looks like Billy already did. To clarify, all the breaking the plane penalties were from hybrid, when we hit other robots and turned around over a line we had already crossed.

The two ramming penalties occured when we tried to zoom around the track with our trackball so we could hurdle, but miscalculated by an inch or so, and hit the corner of a bot hurdling in the opposing alliance’s home zone. They seem ridiculous to me, since I knew what our drivers were trying to do, but you never know what the refs saw.

We also only had 2 breaking the plane penalties in our first two matches: one when part of our gripper went back over the line trying to place at the end of the match from the other side of the overpass and one in hybrid when we, like the uberbots, we nudged back over the line.