Are you selling any component?

Hi Teams,

Team 6404 is looking for any team interested in sell some components for us, if you have extra components that is not using and it is in good state and working, we are looking for this things:

  • roboRIO.
  • Jaguars.
  • power distribution painel.
  • voltage regulator panel.
  • Sensors in general.

We are looking for used ones because of the price it’s too much expensive and we don’t have too much money to spend in new ones.

Instead of using Jaguars I’d recommend your team to look into using the REV Spark, which is one of the cheaper motor controller options with a reliable modern design. It’s available here, which may be more convenient for shipping to your location. The Jaguar is very outdated and has been notorious for reliability issues in the past when it was used by more teams.

291 is looking to get rid of 4 Jaguars as well as 12 talon SRXs. I’m not sure how many you are looking for, but we can work out a price.

If 6404 passes on the SRXs give me a PM :stuck_out_tongue: (non FRC uses)