Are you trying to seed in the top eight?

This year it seems to me that a greater percentage of teams are choosing defensive designs, like ramp blocking. I’m curious if these teams are trying to seed or just plan to get picked by a seeded team.

The simple answer: we prefer to choose, than to be chosen. Whatever puts us in a position to choose is what we attempt to do.

We’ll take what we get. Last year, we found ourselves in both positions (picked at Buckeye and MMR, seeded at Nats and IRI) and liked both for different reasons. If you’re one of the top 4 seeds, it’s probably helpful to be seeded. The lower seeds won’t get the best picks (unless they themselves get picked). So, if you get picked by a good team, it’s probably good to be picked, but it’s nice to have the degree of control that being seeded gives you.

I’m sure almost every team would love to be one of the top 8 seeds. For most teams, it’s about being in the ‘playoffs’ if you will, just to prove how good they actually are. I know for us, we would love to be seeded in the top 8 this being our second year. Last year we won the Rookie All Star award at the SBPLI regional (out of 5 rookie teams) and were the last partners to be picked. It was such a thrill to simply be picked, I can remember us running down to the pits from the stands getting our bot ready, and luckily enough for us, we made it to the semi-finals, only to be beaten by more experienced teams, however, I’m hoping this won’t happen this year, as we have a much stronger bot that is definetely more versitle than last years. But if we don’t seed and we get picked, it will be just the same, just to prove that you actually belong there.

This has been my final thought for today on this subject, goodnight America. :smiley:

well from all of thge 2-3 teams that i have seen make a succdesful stack, I do not think that stackign is the way to go.

Reguarding the top 8 thing, like previous peopel have said, its better to pick and for sure be in it, then to be picked.

You always want to be able to do the choosing…but if you know you wont (meaning you’re 20+ on the ranking on Friday) you want to show what you can do and do it every time. Hopefully someone will pick your team then.