Are you using Kotlin? (Poll)

For the 2019 season, we started using Kotlin in our robot code with great success. The phenomenal Java :left_right_arrow: Kotlin interoperability makes it easy to start small. And we quickly found lots of benefits to using Kotlin. We plan to migrate to all (or mostly) Kotlin for 2020. After seeing the topic paper: Kotlin for FRC Robot Programming here on Chief Delephi, and the Kotlin Example Robot in the GradleRio project (which is marked as unofficial), I became curious as to how many others have used Kotlin or are thinking about using it.

Kotlin Use

  • Primarily/Exclusively Kotlin
  • Mixed Kotlin and Java
  • Primarily Java with a little Kotlin
  • All Java, but thinking of trying (some/all) Kotlin
  • All Java, with no Kotlin plans on the horizon
  • Use a non JDK language (i.e. C/C++, python, etc.)

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Are you getting your robot serviced at Krohnstadt shipyard?

Yup. :grinning: As awesome as the port of Jakarta has been for the past many many years, it is time to move on to a new port of call, especially one that honors and works with its predecessor so well. (The mere fact they chose to honor the fact that the name of the language is an island, and then chose a ‘K’ name at that since ‘K’ follows ‘J’, shows how much the language honors and respects its predecessor.)

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