Are your Bumpers Falling Off in a Match? Watch how to make the most of it! (G103) [FIN]

I’m not really sure why the wheels locked in the x position tbh. I have a button that does that whenever, but I don’t remember pressing it. The auto balance button I also have would not have done this either, as it would lock the wheels like it did only if the robot was flat. Maybe I just don’t remember pressing the lock wheels button, that’s my best guess lol.


You were behind the wheel of that thing? Let me just say that was awesome! In the heat of the moment, I didn’t even realize you had been disabled at all. I only came back to this match footage to find out what that 5 point penalty was for. Once I connected the dots, I just had to share the story here. So many things had to line up precisely as they did.

It looks like in the post-match close up that your wheels are in a diamond pattern or maybe a strafing pattern. Either of those would do good enough to keep you on the charge station. The last driver input before the delayed disable message from the FMS finally made it’s way through the airwaves happened to be a good one :slight_smile:


I saw something like this in the 2019 game. The bumpers on one robot became damaged and started to come off. Clearly, it had attracted the attention of at least one or two of the referees. The team went full speed across the field and executed a yeet-climb just before becoming disabled. They may have left a section of their bumper on the field.

Thanks! I understand being in the heat of the moment, I barely even know what any other robot is doing during a match lol. The way I usually lock the wheels is to tap the joystick to the side to face the wheels in a sideways direction. So it was either I thought keeping the charge station down like that was beneficial, but I don’t think I was thinking that, or I was trying to adjust the robot’s position to the side to leave more room for the other two robots to balance. Either way, it just so happened to work out the best that it could have!