Are your goals breaking?

Just wondering if other teams goals are breaking because all of our PVC pipes are slipping out and breaking the wood.
Maybe we r just to good and they are getting too much practice. lol. :wink:

the pvc on our goal also slips out but it has never broken the wood…yet.

Thats probbaly why they call it the low cost of materials for building the arena. Oh, well I guess it works for all sorts of stuff like pratice and testing.

I went to my old McKee HS (my old HS) to lend my good friends on the robotics team a hand. All I got done was part of the stationary goal and the 2nd platform the goals will be done hopefully next week as well as the chin up bar. amazingly it took me about 4 - 6 hrs to put the 2 pieces together. As soon as the team HP’s start using the goals for practice I’ll Let you know on how they hold up

Not bad for a person who plays with computers and steel all day. :wink: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :] :smiley:



we’ve been practicing on them all day for 4 days straight… no sign of anything breaking…sorry

Our goals are holding up fine.

How exactly are you managing to break PVC pipe and plywood…dare I ask?

we are not really having the same problem… the wood is fine… but the pvc is flexing a lot and it kind of looks like it is bent.

question… (even though it doesnt relate to this thread)… which goal do you think its best to shoot the ball at…?

The stationary goal is BY FAR a better choice for ur shooting needs. It can hold about 20 balls and is hella easy to get the balls into. Anything the hits that 2 foot space of the backstop is pretty mch gaurenteed to go in(unless it hoes between the posts:()

I was taking some shots at the stationary goal today and it seemed much easier than the mobile goal. My guess is that this is because when you shoot at the stationary, you dont have to arc the ball as much as for the mobile. You can throw it pretty straight, or with a little bit of an arc, instead of having to get the trajectory exactly right for the mobile.


We haven’t built the stationary goal yet, but I can’t miss with that mobile goal. Note with the mobile goal, make sure your grind the angle iron down so its smooth and there are no corners sticking up. We poped three balls so far, before figuring out the problem. We only built one level with the mobile goal and everything is holding up fine. Remember duct tape is your friend.

Our goals are faring pretty well, although we have not practiced shooting a lot, our stationary has some loose pipes, but its fine for now. We have been spending all our time on the robot right now, and anyways if we practice and miss the ball goes flying into our machine shop which is VERY dangerous!

We’ve been practicing in the gym. I’ve broken two balls on the top of the PVC pipes and we’ve broken a PVC pipe on our stationary goal. My guess is that the dynamics of this ‘new’ ball are much different than those of the “old” ball. The weight, aerodynamics, rebound, stiffness…all different.

Is anyone receiving the impression that the change in balls is going to be a nightmare at the competition, human player wise?


When we built our mobile goal we over built it using heavier plywood and glueing and screwing everything together. We even made heavier pockets for the PVC pipe and ordered the correct castors. As long as the exterior dimensions are the same it doesn’t matter how it’s constructed underneath. Since it’s also a little heavier if our robot can move it, it can move the actuall goals. We also had some of our students go for rides on it as we towed it up the hallways to practice in the gym. :smiley: So far we haven’t broken anything except bend some of the PVC but it’s cheap and easily replaced. The fun part will be when we don’t need it anymore and cut it up with a sawzall because the base won’t come apart!

As for the human players shooting with different balls it will pretty much come down to how well they can adjust. It might be a good idea to go to the store and buy a few different 13" (or close to) balls to practice with. This will give them some practice with different weights, bounce, ect. That way they won’t be so “green” if they get a different ball at comp. Just an idea.

I haven’t noticed any problems with our goals …yet. And shooting into the stationary goal a lot easier than the moblie goal. :]