Are your teams offering any help at the UTC & NJ regional

To all first teams attending the UTC regional and the NJ regional:

        Team 195, Cyber knights, is attending both the UTC and NJ regional. If your team is attending either one of these regionals and offers any specialties in a certain field such as pneumatics, programming, shop tools, or wiring, please let us know. Your team's number and name will appear on a Directory in which we are creating. This directory will be on display in our Pit area for all other attending teams to see. If you specialize in more than one topic, or one we did not mention, please reply with that also. In your reply please include you team name and number, the regional you’re attending, and what type of help you will be supplying. Hope to see you at UTC and NJ!

On behalf of Team 195 Cyber Knights
Ben Gagne

We’re totally willing to help at either regional (we’re at both) and at both we’ll help with electrical and mechincal ANYTHING, all the other stuff i can’t guarantee:cool:

i will be attending New jersey for spectator ship but if anyone needs anything it;s not like i have a team to be with and i would love to help.

The Miracle Workerz (365) will be at the NJ Regional. If anyone needs any help with anything (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, or programming) or just needs to use a drill press, feel free to drop by our pit (its the one with all the green people). My specialty is electrical and programming. I think this year we designated a second pit crew (we are a very large team) specifically to help other teams. Also we produced many Autonomous dongles to loan out to other teams for Autonoumous debugging.

The Who’sCTEKS, Team 716 will be able to supply help with anything (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, or programming). We will be in NJ and UTC. We may be a bit tied up in NJ as we have 3.5 lbs to lose!