ArgoBot FRC Training Platform

I have been an FRC software and controls mentor for the past 5 years with Argos (FIRST Team 1756). Over the past couple of years, I have been progressively building a controls/LabVIEW training program to more quickly on-board new students. A fellow mentor and I teamed up with a local company to ‘productionize’ the hacked-together training bots of the past, and the result is ArgoBot! The platform is built on the Digilent WF32 development board running interface code from LabVIEW Makerhub and packaged neatly in a polycarbonate case.

Playing With Fusion, Inc. is now manufacturing the ArgoBot, and has links to a YouTube series of tutorials to introduce you to the mini robot, but more importantly, train students on some of the most fundamental functions needed to be successful on the software and controls team. Check out ArgoBot here:

Argobot release video can be found here

Love the finished product. Much credit to the Argobot for our autonomous success last year.