Arizona Off-season Event

I know the off-season is a long way off for some teams, and at this point in time this idea is just that, an idea.

The seniors on my team were thinking of creating a brand new game for the off-season to simulate an actual build and competition season. The seniors would release the game to my team and any others who wanted to participate sometime in the early fall. The team would have a set time in which they could work on their new robots (mock build season), and then a mock competition or two would be set up for the teams.

My question is; how many teams in or around Arizona are interested?
We’d like to know so we can start putting together information packets and send them out to teams before the end of the school year.

NURC is in Arizona, in the off season.

If you’re thinking something in the fall…hmmm…sounds interesting, but probably too far for use to attend. We’re almost 400 miles away.

Keep me posted, I start school in AZ in late August. If I’m around, I’d definitely like to go, and most certainly volunteer! Let me know how I can be of help.

If you do this, make the game and challenge simpler. Full build seasons are exhausting for many teams. Without a lower “bar” I bet support will be hard to come by.

Hmmm, this may be good way to get new people involved and experienced before build season. I’ll talk to my team about it and we’ll see what happens.

Are you thinking full-scale FRC, or something more like FTC or VEX?

Team 3180 hosted a VEX competition this past December where teams learned the game at 8pm and had to play the game by 8a the next day. Although it lacked the glory and mechanics (and headaches) of full-sized FRC robots, it was not at all lacking in teaching design, strategy, and teamwork, and it avoided the inevitable 6-week-burnout that accompanies the FRC season.

We may be interested. We’re starting a college course for the high school kids to take, and we were thinking of doing a small build. This may be the thing we need. Please let me know when you have more info. I’ll bring this up with our other mentors.

Hey sorry, I couldn’t respond, I was grounded :o

We are definitely going to scale it down, somewhere between FRC and FTC, we might just do VEX. Everything is still under speculation. Thanks for your interest though :slight_smile: