Arizona or Nevada Regionals Participants

To all those great FIRST FRC teams that will be attending the AZ or the NV Regionals; (Or any other Teams that wish to answer also please do).

From FIRST FRC Team 60,

I’m a parent mentor on FIRST FRC Team 60 and I am just wondering at this point and thinking forward only to Robot & Game Strategy, and asking the teams based on the following simple polling structure, exactly what each team designed into their robots as far as “on field” game elements and actual robot capabilities.

Elaborate if necessary. This isn’t looking for your weaknesses, but game element strengths’ and your complete needs as an alliance partner. As we all play together at some point in time.

I will give our current designed in Robot elements first. (Please follow w/ yours in posts to this thread).

Robot has full Mobility?: Yes

Robot easily fits within the 112" max frame perimeter in starting position without question?: Yes

Appendages easily fit within the 20" maximum outside reach area and will not exceed that distance ever? Yes

Robot can easily & quickly capture ball from floor?: Yes

Can shoot top goal?: Yes

Pick up ball one direction, shoot same direction?: No

Pick up ball one direction, shoot opposite direction?: Yes

Can shoot or deliver low goal?: Yes (but, not actually in the plan currently)

Shooting mechanism design relatively safe, repeatable, accurate?: Yes, yes, yes…Hope yours is also!

Goalie Capaibilities?: (or plan) Not quite yet (Inquiring minds wish to know this answer for us to be able to work together very well).

Robot designed to keep opposite alliance ball possesion to a bare minimum?: Yes

A working Auto plan?: Yes

A working Teleop plan?: Yes (we will be passing for the assist points and beyond often…is this also in your plan?)

Uses vision targets to acheive a Hot Goal?: Not yet (Inquiring minds wish to know this answer for us to be able to work together very well).

Uses 50% chance of luck to acheive Hot Upper Goal?: So far

Uses 50% chance of luck to acheive Hot Lower Goal?: So far (accidentally?)

Can be delivered to by human player easily 1 side?: Yes

Can be delivered to by human player 2 sides?: Yes

Can be delivered to by human player 3 sides?: Yes

Can be delivered to by human player 4 sides?: Yes

Can be delivered to by human player top?: Yes

Can be delivered to by human player directly all sides and top?: Yes

Can be delivered to by human player by throwing?: Yes, yes, & yes!

Can pass to a human player?: Not yet, but maybe later? Long distance shot yes! But, OUCH!

Can feed another bot easily if absolutely necessary or points wise advantageous during auto?: Yes (Oh, that 3 robot feeding 1, all top basket points made, all working together for 1 common goal a couple of years ago comes to mind…We were a middle part of it!) Can we possibly do it again?

Can receive a pass?: Yes

Can pass the ball well?: Yes

Can trap/recover a rolling ball running away from your robot quite quickly?: Yes

Can shoot over the beam?: Yes

Designed to actually catch a made beam shot?: Yes

Robot is quite Robust and should not suffer catastrophic damage from that beam catch?: Yes (We’ll see I guess, after we have caught some high and wide on or off target boomers from others…Ouch!)

Can possibly attempt 2 shot auto?: Yes possibility, we’ll soon see, shot 1 to be fully perfected accurately first.

Can possibly attempt 3 shot auto?:…Not enough time in the day, season or in that tiny 10 second window in my mind (unless of course you wish to FEED OUR MONSTER your 2 balls, or figured out a way to slow down time a bit), of auto opportunity the GDC gave us using our design…But, we may just try if you will cooperate fully and yours cannot shoot high & hot…LOL.

Can shoot high goal from the white zone?: Not yet (But, who knows what the future holds, and those extra 5 mobility points are ours).

Can shoot the high goal from the scoring zone?: Yes

Have a completed working practice/testing/improving bot?: Yes

Have a field & elements setup?: Yes to all elements (actual game type alum. beam, goals, etc.). Full field setup is this weekend off our shop site nearby, a few blocks away, for permanent carpeted practice field, have been using elements on outside open concrete basketball court recently w/ practice bot right outside shop doors.

Have a completed working & tested competition bot?: Not quite yet, (but well on its way, earlier than last few years, on time & on schedule, and will be in the bag soon fully working & tested & ready for inspection, practice, competition it appears, a few ordered parts still yet to be received). Compared to recent years, quite relaxed atmosphere I’d venture to say. Time to think further ahead now.

Will your bot be finished by bag up date of February 18th @ 11:59 PM and ready to inspect & play?: YES!

Getting tired or excited?: EXCITED!..Bring on the fun…the work is almost over!

Are your teams willing to work together to make Aerial Assist the great co-opertition game it was surely designed to be by the GDC?: YES! (and the reason for this poll)

Is the team already thinking about “Complete Game Play Strategy” and working together w/ all other teams to make for some great alliances on the field for Aerial Assist?: Yes (And please answer this question yes also by assigning a team member to answer the poll. Lets start working together right now and “assisting” each other AZ & NV Regional Participants!)
End Poll:**_________________________________________________

We personally easily have more than a few pounds before reaching our max robot inspection weight, and need to know what help you will need from our further design perfection efforts. Your answers to the poll will help us greatly on those improvements. This is a team sport and a team co-opertition game to say the very least.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer, to all who do.

If I missed any on field game element, please add and answer it.

Note: Sry DRIVE TEAM & Game Strategy COACHES / Mentors, you will need a completely different thread to even begin to talk about the on field communications aspect between Drive teams and human players concerning Aerial Assist (Maybe a board meeting between matches? I am asking for answers in this poll concerniing designed in on field robot game elements only. (I wasn’t dissing you at all, I promise!) I saw & read the thread on a possible “SUPER COACH”…Good luck w/ that…LOL. All drive team coaches are “SUPER COACHES” in my eyes.

Thank’s All. Go FIRST TEAMS!:smiley:

Team Mentors…Please look for my later poll as to who may need any physical help to get finished and inspected at the AZ Regionals…Will post it after ship date on the morning of the 19th. of February.

We can provide your team some help on Thursday if necessary, to help get you inspected and playing. If you have other special needs…Contact us now.

175 Views and no takers yet at all…OK, Let’s try this. Pick one, any one below please. (Even if, only picking a number from the dozen below!)

  1. We are not yet finished. Talk to us after stop work date…

  2. We do not yet know our 2014 robot’s full capabilities.

  3. Your Poll is way too long to take the time to answer your silly Team 60 poll.

  4. We wish to wait until Practice Rounds on Thursday to show our actual robot teamwork capabilities.:]

  5. All we have so far is a box of parts and no personal drive to build it yet.:confused:

  6. Working together!..What’s that? We are competing against your team!

  7. You must be absolutely crazy to think we are going to let the “cat outta the bag”, before it’s even in the bag!::rtm:: (Just 7 days to go there!)

  8. We aren’t yet that proud of our work, or we are not yet through the testing phase, to relinquish those secrets that we wish to keep very close to the vest.

  9. We want to answer, but, have nobody on the team free yet to do so.

  10. I assigned someone the project, since we wish to help you to later help us, by improving what you can do for our possible alliance(s) together (to complete your silly and super long, super rediculous poll). But, they are just procrastinating (and “dropped that Big Ball”)…So, I’ll quickly assign another to do so very soon! (Hopefully before a week from tonight…Stop Build Date!):smiley:

  11. 60 just isn’t our favorite # (So, we aren’t telling you anything…EVER!):yikes:

  12. We need help, just not ready to ask yet.

BTW…Our bot jumps or hops too when shooting! (Though not quite all 6 wheels off the ground like Falcon Robotics does). And, I tried catching 1 full power shot (and have the “Big Ball Rugburned Fingertips” to prove it…Ouch!)

I (this now learned mentor), will not be doing that again without leather gloves on!

All proving that ball “rotation in the air for a lil’ extra added lift”, does exist, and is as was designed.

My team is not competing at either regional, but we would definitely fall under the “talk to us after ship” category.

Your poll is way too long…and we’ve been too busy building a robot that might be able to play the game, to worry too much about what the game actually ends up being!

We’ll see some Arizona teams this Saturday, and hopefully will get some video of our robot in action at that time. Or maybe sooner, if we can get done building it.

We will be in San Diego and Las Vegas this year.

We choose #1, Please talk to us after stop work date…:slight_smile:

It sounds like you have a great robot!