Arizona Regional update....Anyone???

Does anyone have any information on how things are going out there in good old AZ???

I talked to my mom for a bit this afternoon. She said most robots were not getting the ball in autonomous, and that there were few if any small ball robots.

Her favorites were 60 and 980. I’ll probably get more details tonight/tommorow morning.

Edit: And there are a lot of scoring difficulties.

Any word on team 190 from WPI?

i believe 190 is in 4th right now. 980 is first, and Cyber Blue 234 is second right now :]

Hey Brian I missed you at BAE. When were you their? I as well would like to know how the MOH Goat is doing. Oh also how is Matt did he go to Prague with orchestra?

Any information about team 192?

Nope, he didn’t go to Prague, but as I write this he is enroute to London for his IQP.

We were up at BAE but we were acting like professional spectators…Read: low profile. :ahh: Unfortunately I did not have the spare time to participate this year at all. But that doesn’t mean I can stay away completely.

I gotta say that the 190 Goat-Bot this year is truly awesome :ahh: ( an overused word I know but it REALLY fit’s) You fokks broke it down to the common denominator: “what points can the robot score” and then designed around those parameters. I am truly impressed with the concept and application.

The folks at Nats better watch out 'cause the Goats going down to Georgia

Team 192 is having issues, their robot is nice, but they had lots to finish when they got to the competition, they got inspected very late and missed their first match and I don’t think their arm works at all yet. I would expect them to get working by tomorrow.

I’m not big on the details but that’s the jist. 294 and 64 seem to be in the same boat.

thx for the update.

Yeah, thank you very much for that information.