Arizona's 1st VEX Qualifying Tournament Results!

The 1st Arizona VEX Qualifying Tournament was just held last Sat. Dec. 2 at Carl Hayden High School. It was hosted by team 842, Falcon Robotics
Here is the links to the pics

Here is the link to the videos

Here are the results

It was a blast!!

It was an awesome competition, I’m glad I could make it! All of the teams did great, the matches were far more exciting than I anticipated them to be. It would have been nice if there were a bigger turnout, but I’m sure there will be next year. It’s nice to see how much FIRST is growing!

Thank you Carl Hayden for hosting such a great event, I hope to make it up next year too!

Yes we need more teams!! Hopefully next year. Did you check out the videos?
Did you like them? How about the pics?

Definately. The pictures you posted are fantastic, and the videos are great too! The coverage of the event on your website is excellent, and the same goes for some of the other events on your page. Great work!

those are some great pics and great bots!!
it makes me really excited for my tournoment on saturday!!

let us know if we can help in anyway!! Take care!!