Arkansas Regional 2020

I’m finally getting around to writing about Arkansas given my excitement about the event and recent events. 4087 had another great time attending the Arkansas Regional. Thanks to the committee and volunteers for running another high quality event.

We were privileged to bring home a blue banner with our alliance captain, 16, Baxter Bomb Squad and 4576, Red Nation Robotics. Once the picks were made, I had no doubt about what we were about to do. Being picked by a HoF team was extremely validating to our effort to build a premiere team in Louisiana. Your faith in us tells me we are on the right path. Watching our three (sometimes just two) machines compete together was a thrill. I haven’t been apart of such a well coordinated alliance in my FRC tenure, whether as a mentor or student.

Winning a 2020 banner has been bittersweet. I was very excited to see how we would stack up in future events. We’ve been trying to get better right up to the latest news. Though I am sad that the official season is postponed, I am extremely grateful that we even had the opportunity to test our mettle.


My intent was to archive a sense of grateful appreciation for unprecedented success - not to gloat. Take it how you will.


@clydefrog88, that’s how I read it. Your alliance brought the power cells like no one else could, and always had enough robots climbing in the endame to secure victory. That’s how you do it. I really liked doing at least a bit of your inspection last year; your “winged” HAB3 was awesome. I wish I would have seen you closer up this year. Next year, let me know in advance, and I can likely stop by for an unofficial inspection (I live about half an hour away in Slidell).
OBTW, the official photos from 2020ARLI are here.


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