Arkansas Regional Request

Anyone going to Arkansas Regional? This year’s competition will require a lot of team work. We thought it would be a good idea to exchange basic strategies and or information about our robots. What do you think? The competition will be better if we cooperate before we compete. Waiting to hear from you :slight_smile:

                        -Team 1985 Robohawks

We’ll be there; however, I’m not sure how my team feels about giving out a lot of information about our robot before though. We’ll see.

Welcome to Chief Delphi Robohawks1985! Search is your friend. (Multiple threads on the same topic tend to clutter the forums.)

Everybody thanks for replying we will pass them on to the team.:wink:

Team 3160 is also going to Arkansas Regional! There is a lot of new rookies in the whole state of Arkansas this year! And there is a Brazilian team coming also! Can’t wait to meet them!

Our team is going, we are actually based out of Searcy, which is where the event is, we would love to get to know your team and talk about our robot. PM me for details about it and our team.:]