Arm and Manipulator CAD design

This is my team’s first attempt at modeling a robot in Solidworks!


I am pretty proud of it, though it took us quite a long time. Is it just practice, practice, practice and then modeling gets faster? Or are there any Solidworks tricks… or optimal ways to divide up the work when season comes around?? btw this robot is modeled after The Raptor, by team 148. Soo thank you Robowranglers :slight_smile:

Try posting the picture again, it didn’t come through in your post.

To post your image so we can see it you’ll need to start an account on an image sharing site such as photobucket or imageshack or upload it to cd-media.

We can’t see your harddrive so the photo doesn’t show up online.

Better yet, toss it up on imgur! No account required :slight_smile:

By the way, I love your team name and logo, so awesome.