Arm can't fully retract

When retracting our telescopic arm, it retracts up to an inch away from the limit switch and stays there if there isn’t sufficient power applied to it, so we aren’t able to fully retract the arm to store the claw. What’s wrong with the code?

Do you have any videos of this effect happening? Pictures of your robot?

Unfortunately, no. Are you still able to help out?

The more information you can provide Chief Delphi as a whole, the more likely you are to get quality troubleshooting that can help solve your problem.

What information can you provide? Is your telescoping arm a custom design or a COTS product that you purchased? What type of motors are you using? How are you retracting the arm (via a spool, a chain, belt, etc)? Do you know what gear ratio or mechanical reduction is involved?

What steps have you taken in troubleshooting so far? Have you tried different values in your extension & retraction code? Have you checked for mechanical obstructions that could be limiting arm travel?

As far as I know, the arm is a custom, CADed design, we’re retracting the arm with a chain, the gear ratio is 1:3, and we haven’t troubleshooted yet.

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