Arm Extension Question

If we were to have an arm that would be mechanically able to extend out of the 72" by 72" footprint, but it is securely limited with code, would we pass inspection? Would the inpector say that since we are able to extend out of the floorplan, even though we dont, that we are in violation?
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Team 537

no, u would pass the inspection because of the fact that u are under maximun hight at the start, and once the match starts you would be able to go over hight, so good luck to you with that hight, the only thing is you would have a lower weight maximum

No, there is no height maximum, and we will be starting under 4’, we were questioning the length and width restrictions.

Most likely you will pass inspection. Appropriate penalty will be given if you extend beyond 72" on the field, outside the home zone.

Length and width wise, you would be fine as long as you don’t go out of the 72x72 footprint, like you said. Height wise, the roof is the limit (it actually says that in the rules:D )

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Just make sure your constraint code is accurate because the refs. will penalize you.