Armabot 2017 Product Announcement

Hey Everyone!

This years game seems like another winner! I wanted to share with the forum the new products at Armabot this year. Usually I would have done this pre-kickoff but there was a question on weather or not the Sweep LIDAR would be legal because of it’s internal motor. Well, good news, it found a home in the R32 motor rules, down at the bottom in the sensor section. The LIDAR units are being assembled and should be available soon.

The “Bad Boys” are back (high five billbo911). Thanks to everyone giving good feedback last year and the success we had, we redesigned the RS7 Encoder to be a 30% glass filled ABS injection molded housing instead of a rapid prototype. We also worked on our supply chain to get enough of these for every team, and gave you a voucher (see KoP book) to try one free, just a $5-7 domestic shipping fee (international varies). Keep in mind these only attach to the 775pro motor. Also to help out the newer teams, one of our sponsored team’s students wrote a great a tutorial on how to get PID working with a Talon SRX in a CAN setup, check it out.

Last but not least, have you ever had issues fitting the Versaplanetary as it gets longer and longer the more goodies you attach to it? Well fold that thing in half! The new Armabelt does just that with a few ratio options thrown in. Basically it allows a 775pro motor to mounted to the side with a GT2 belt and a couple pulleys getting power to the input side of the gearbox. At the last minute we were able to make it also compatible with the new V2 Versaplanetary.

Best wishes to all the teams competing this year!

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We just ordered 4 more of these Bad Boys after testing it yesterday and having FANTASTIC results with it and the Talon SRX controlling our shooter wheel!
Simple, compact, convenient.

Did you run into a 50 RPM quantization of the speed? Based on the encoder resolution and the way the SRX samples velocity, it seems unavoidable.

Yes, with our prototype we did. Our prototype had a 1:1 reduction to the output.
Our final design will have a 2:1 reduction, thus our actual output will have a 25 RPM step resolution, while to control will still be 50 RPM steps.

Have you played with the Talon SRX 2.22 firmware? It looks like it provides parameters for tuning the sample window and filter so that you could get less quantization.

Just commenting to let people know, we purchased two of the armabelt drives for 775 pro versaplanterarys and they are working great. Just had an issue with the set screw on the pulley coming loose but that was solved by wrapping the shaft in one layer of electrical tape and putting it back on.


Just my observation otherwise wonderful product.

Hi Adam,

I apologize about the issue your having. Another more standard option could be to use Loctite 609 retaining compound. It advertises it can bond a 0.005 gap (on diameter). Make sure the parts are clean of oils when applying.

Has anyone finagled a way to make these work with a 775 dual input?

We use 648 so you can skip the primer and cleaning the oil off. Still a good idea to use the degreaser tho.

It works fine? What is the problem with it?

A versaplanetary dual input places a gear between the 775’s. The output shaft is either a 1/2" hex or an 8mm cim shaft. There is no (obvious) way for this product to interface with it. I’m wondering if anyone else has sorted one out.

I’m not seeing the issue. The encoder mounts to the back shaft on the 775pro, not the front shaft. Is there an interference issue with the shroud and mount?

This is what I get for posting tired. I’ve been looking at the Armabot’s cool belt-drive to versa planetary, and somehow crossed into a thread about encoders. Ah well. So while we’re on the topic of the belt drives… is there any way to make them interface with a dual versaplanetary input =)