Armabot Rs7 encoder

The Armabot encoder for the 775 pro looks like a good encoder solution for controlling the 775s. How well has that product worked for teams?

We used the RS7 encoder last year on our elevator. They have a lot of problems, so if you have any choice, I recommend any other encoder (I like the SRX mag encoder and the AMT 103-V). Since they’re directly on the shaft of the motor, it’s possible that it can run so fast that it skips counts - which is more common than you think - and make your life painful. They aren’t super consistent and are also not super battle-ready: the wires are extremely easy to break off if you’re not meticulous about strain-relieving them. In addition, tracking the motor gives far more opportunities for error to enter the system, since there are now 3-5 stages between the sensor and the desired measurement, as opposed to the 1 or 2 you get from using a sensor elsewhere.

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We had problems with the RS7. The design itself is functional, but it is not terribly robust. We had problems with wiring and strain relieving as well. In fact, we decided after having problems with 2 out of the 3 we were assembling to just stop, and went another (more expensive) route that never gave us a single problem.

We have only ever had two problems with the RS7s. One is the strain relief mentioned above (as long as you take effort to do good strain relief it can be fine), and the second is keeping the encoder from sliding off of the back. The use of metal zip ties really helps mitigate the later.

The encoder is best for velocity control for things such as intakes or shooter wheels. I would agree with others that it is a bad idea to use it for positional control. As for some of the comments about it falling off, if the right amount of torque is put on the worm drive clamp, we have never seen them come off. For strain relief, there are features build into the mount to help strain relieve the wires. Well plan on adding details to the instructions to help teams with some of these issues.