Armabot Turret240 Digital Absolute Encoder not good

Our team purchased an armabot turret240 and have found that the digital absolute encoder seems very unreliable in that often jumps several thousand ticks every once in a while and will occasionally reverse directions. What did help was greasing the worm drive that spins the encoder, but even loaded up with grease the encoder still malfunctions. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know the make of that encoder and where we can get a replacement/spares?

Have you tried contacting Armabot directly about the issue?


Yes, I actually just learnt that they replied to us. They sent us a replacement. I still would like to know if anyone knows the make of the encoder and if this is a common problem for other people.

No direct experience with that hardware, so I don’t have much to add.

However: In my mental model of the world - I do not see how adding grease to the worm gear has a causal relationship with encoder reading anomalies described. Are you seeing mechanical binding issues in the gear train that the encoder measures?

Andrew is pretty good about getting back to people. I’m sure he’ll fix it.

@NathanCS10 The encoder chip is an AMS5600 by AMS. Were not positive why we had a couple failures on them. Most likely we got them too hot when we soldered them to the PCB. Like others mentioned, only a little bit of grease is needed on those gears. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other issues.

@Brian_Gray Thanks! We have been putting in a big effort to make sure teams have a good experience, glad it’s starting to show.


We had the same problem. We talked to Armabot and got a new encoder, but it had the same issues as the old one. Since both encoders didn’t work, we decided to edit the encoder mount for a CTRE Mag encoder. Here is the mount for those interested.

BottomEncoderV3.SLDPRT (506.7 KB)
TopEncoderV3.SLDPRT (463.4 KB)

In code, make sure to set the encoder to FeedbackDevice.PulseWidthEncodedPosition.


I appreciate you sharing these files as an alternative. We have been working at finding a good solution and we totally understand that teams don’t have time to wait. It appears that the pulse train of the digital encoder doesn’t work well Talon SRX. We’re open to suggestions and well pass on solutions as discovered.

I know that this thread is about the digital encoder, but i am having similar issues with the analog encoder

It reads perfectly fine, but randomly, moving or static, the encoder value will jump by 4096 ticks (give or take 4 ticks in the random reading), and other time jump different values (from what ive seen those errors correct themselves, while the steadily increasing 4096 does not). I was wondering if it was a similar issue to what happened to the digital encoders or if there is another issue (firmware/programming).

Thank you!

I haven’t seen the analog encoder do that. Let me check into it.

Edit: Would you mind sharing the details of your setup, how your wires are routed and what call you are using to read the encoder?

Also, I went through our records and I don’t see an analog encoder turret sale in your area, are you sure you don’t have a digital encoder turret? Please send me a PM of your order number.

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