Army of Slugs

You think that the floor being used was slippery? Well wait until you hear this. I heard from FIRST reps that an army of slugs is going to be released onto the playing field. The army will consist of roughly 50-100 slugs, and as you know, they will leave a slippery residue behind. Also, in the upper right hand corner of the field, rumor has it that there is a hidden time vortex, and if your robot falls in, it will be warped 20 seconds backwards in time. Good luck!

Dont worry- there are slug eating robots already out there and available to rescue us.

I had another comment but I’ll just let it slide…

Maybe someone will make a salt dropping robot.
Oh the humanity!

It really will be like driving on ice. :wink:

Maybe no water game but how about a slime game.


It’s not exactly slime but would nuclear sludge count? Robots were used to clean out nuclear waste storage tanks since exposure would quickly kill a human.

It couldn’t be radioactive :eek: waste, but “sludge” would make an interesting “game piece.”

We should also think about adding Mario Kart items like Red Shells and Banana Peels.

As if getting Orbit balls wasn’t hard enough…

As long as they’re fake banana peels… eeew.

I dunno about a slime/sludge game, though… who would want to carry the robot onto a field full of slime? Or trudge back through it to pick it up again? There’s a lot I’ll do for robotics (including getting covered head to toe in mud, which I have done)… but playing with slime for four months is pushing it.

“Army of Slugs” - Hmmm, sounds like a good name for a band.

I wonder if the folks in the band “Army Of Anyone” would be amused, or weirded out slightly? Maybe both. lol

Talk about a real world challenge. If you succeed score a win for your alliance. If you lose everyone in the arena dies.
No pressure kids.[/quote]