arriving late

My team might be flying in on Thursday morning. Last year’s agenda says 7AM open pits to team reps to uncrate, 8:30AM pits and machine shop open, and 10AM practice rounds start. I know this year’s agenda might be different. But, do we have to be there at 7AM to uncrate, or can we do that whenever we arrive? Is it ok if we get there a little late for the practice rounds? We will plan to arrive by then, but in case of delayed flights we want to make sure this won’t be a problem. Thanks in advance for your help.

You can get there whenever you want thursday, you’ll just be losing time the later you get there

As Corey said, you will just be missing some time for practice, and some valuable time to tweak the robot that day.

Also, I would have someone check to see if anything important was missed when you get there by having at least one person checking in at the pit administration table.

Some may recall that my team, 237, was almost 4 hours late to the NJ Regional in 2004, and it really was no problem as long as everyone knows what to do, and fortunately for us, we didn’t even miss a match.

Thursday is an important day, but you can afford to miss some time that more than any other days.

Just make sure you have your BOM submitted for the robot, and you get it fully inspected by the end of the day.

another question…does anyone know if there is a safe place where we could store luggage anywhere in the Georgia Dome? We don’t want to waste time bringing it to the hotel.

If the hotel is within walking distance, designate a few people to go check in and schlep the luggage there. If not, you will have a person or two tied up watching the luggage or not have much room in your pit.