Article on CA Team

Just killing time and I came across this article on about a CA team. I don’t know the team number, perhaps 1516.

Nice article. Great exposure for the team.

If any of you get some press like, post it. It makes for great reading.

Great article, except for the part where the reporter innacurately reports how they want to raise enough money so they can compete with teams like 254, that don’t use their machine shop trailer to “make duplicates on the spot”, but use it to help everyone else make repairs, so they can compete. Heck, if 254 didn’t help people with their mobile shop, the level of competition would be even lower and they’d have an easier time winning :slight_smile:

Did I mention I really dislike reporters? :rolleyes:

That article sort of gets me … annoyed. That reporter, in a attempt to pretty things up and dramaticise everything, made some really false generalizations and just…

I think I’ll shut up before I say anything horrible :slight_smile:

The article was about Team 1280

Reporters interview students in class on Friday, write an article for Saturday’s paper, and don’t review the article with team members for correct inference.

Team 1280, and I am sure the rest of the FIRST community, is deeply grateful for the substantial efforts that Team 254 makes in support of the FIRST community.

That said, Team 1280 is working very aggressively to integrate a Microkinetics CNC setup on that ageing Bridgeport, have students learn TIG welding, have students design and etch their own PC boards, etc.; and as a result, build their dreams… That is what FIRST is all about!

The article generates email requests from other teachers around the country, inquiring as to how they can start such a program at their school. This is all that matters…

Oh, no doubt. My comments were not directed towards your team, rather the bad habit that reporters seem to have of twisting information to look like something completely different. I really enjoyed working with you guys last year at SVR, and could tell you were well on your way to establishing a long lasting and successful program. Glad to see you guys are getting some coverage :slight_smile: