Article Published in April's ITEA Journal, The Technology Teacher

Recently, ITEA’s The Technology Teacher ( asked to publish an article my 2008-09 captains helped me write originally for the state TEAP Journal titled, “Portable Inspiration: The Necessity of STEM Outreach Investment,” April 2009, pp. 26-29.

The listing is here, but only ITEA’s members receive and can also download the entire journal and article.

Googling the article title will get you the full article text, without the images here, but it looks like you can only view it a few times before they want you to join - free I think:

I’m hoping ITEA will make the article and images more available publicly, but it’s their copyright so we’ll see how that goes. In any event, I strongly encourage mentors and teachers to include your students in the publishing process. It’s a great learning experience for everyone involved, especially the journal editors who have no idea how to react when you tell them, “Oh, the other three contributors are high school students of ours…” :slight_smile:

Rich, Awesome! This article is outreach in a big way. You and your co-authors lead and inspire many of us in FIRST already, but now, another audience can begin to see the importance and the possibility of their own outreach programs. Thanks for sharing this with CD.

PS If anyone has access to online libraries through school library or local colleges, they can try Academic Onefile for the full article.