As James Hettfield may say - "Cubix GOOOOD!"

If you guys get a chance, stop by the Cubix website. It’s an all new 3D animated show on FOX about a world of robots. I have yet to catch it, as I work saturday mornings, but I plan to tape the next episode. It seems to be really good, and one of the main points has a group of kids focusing on LEARNING, thats right, LEARNING, and for the hard of reading, LEARNING, about Robot. Although there is also some battling, but it seems to be only against that of evil robots, from a single source. Anyone catch an episode yet or care to comment?

I, for one, think the designs are rather well done, considering what is already out there as far as 3D kids shows go. It has an anime feel to it, and while the robots appear to be complex, they are really just combinations of different shapes and blended textures, but it works really well.

Hey Robby - I watched Cubix yesterday morning (what can I say, a slogan like “robots for everyone” totally drew me) - and I got a kick out of it :wink: Not as good as transformers mind you, but I think I’ll prolly keep watching it :slight_smile:

~ lora

I caught some of it yesterday. I thought the graphics were great for a cartoon. Missed most of the storyline though so I’ll have to catch it again next Saturday.

I saw previews of it. It looks interesting, to say the least.