ASAP: webcast for championship

because i can not attend the championship this year, and i am well aware that nasa is having a webcast of the divisions, does anyone else know of any teams/team websites that are also having a webcast for the championship? it would be of great help so i can have my resources all ready for the next few days.

i don’t want to lay all of my eggs in one basket (caugh caugh NASA) since they do not even have the links labeled for the divisions.

Seconded. I would like the links as well.

And the links for FIRST live would be nice.

The NASA links are not labeled this year because of the field-change that will be occurring twice during this year’s championship.

What’s wrong with the NASA webcast? I’ve never had any major problems with it. I don’t think you’ll find other teams going to the trouble of setting up their own streams for this reason.

Here’s the page, for those who haven’t found it

well even with the field switch, i feel as if they should still be able to label the links with the division names. i mean, all they have to do on their part is change what camera’s the different webcasts will be streaming from. but hey, what can i say i guess. its FIRST

Bill’s Blog said at one point we wouldn’t have to worry about the field switch affecting the webcast. It probably just has the generic placeholders as NASA have yet to set up their cameras/whatever setup they have for the stream.

what time do matches start tomorrow by the way?

According to the schedule (, practice matches start at 8:00 and qualification matches start at 1:00.

The Red Alliance is also broadcasting- you can see all 4 fields at once.