Ascent of the Space Shuttle Endeavor

Amazing video. However, to say i’m incredibly disappointed in the discontinuation of our shuttle program without a new system ready to go is the most extreme definition of an understatement.

From a STEM inspiration point of view, space beats war in every dimension. Sad that our political climate keeps the spending ratio so adversely skewed. Why is Constellation so faulty again?

That video is indeed great. There’s a lot of very detailed footage that shows the same sequences from different angles—it’s a good way to see how all the parts are working together.

Based on the February 2011 U.S. budget proposal, the ratio is roughly $738 000 000 000 for defence to $18 000 000 000 for NASA and space operations (41:1). (Here’s a chart to visualize that.)

Thanks for that link, Tristan. It only took me about 20 seconds to discover mouse-flyover information popups. Once there, chalk up another 15 or more seconds to find “General sc…” in the lower right corner.

I once did something similar to show the disparity by having a large bowl of marbles of different colors. $3B each marble with 5 white ones in the bowl representing NASA’s entire budget, not just space-related.

One thing about the interest expense block that is misleading. Yes, it’s an expense, but it doesn’t track back to what the borrowed money (on which the interest is owed) was used to support. Theoretically, that amount should be spread, by ratio, among the other categories to show what was actually spend for those activities. You can tell I never had actual accounting training. What?!? I’m being too logical again? I may never learn.:wink: