Ask CNN to cover the Championship

If we get enough requests, they might do it.

I would like to respectfully suggest that before we all jump in and start petitioning CNN that before you make your submission you think carefully:

Think about what FIRST is REALLY about ? What would make an interesting story ?

And why anyone should care ? And how that might be relevant to the average persons life !

Just this morning at Starbucks on the news stand was New York Time with this article on the front -

What is news worthy ? How do we connect robots going in circles to early tumor detection ?

That is just a few things to think about and I’m sure I left a lot out.

CNN also has a new section called iReport

FIRST might have a better chance of getting on the air through this way, if members submit their content to them.

I need to add one more comment relating to information passed to me concerning the reduced CNN coverage.

Another significant factor in CNN’s decision is Pope Benedict XVI will be arriving and touring the United States simultaneous with the FIRST Robotics Competition.

There is some chance CNN will get some coverage but it will be limited relative to years past, due to the election cycle and the Papal visit.

As always, we will work to educate the public about FIRST on an ongoing basis, not just next week.

Have fun in Atlanta !

CNN always has a blurb. I think it’s hard to miss this many kids running around their building for 4 days in a crazed frenzy.