asking first about io and rc

Here is what we are asking first about the io and rc. How would you slove the problem. I do not want this to be a bash fest but a construtive way to slove a big problem.

In the event that many teams have bad radios at a regional and nothing can be done to fix that regional, what is our alternative? We ask this because we have noticed many problems with the new radios such as it cutting out and interference from cell phones etc. What is our choice if we are experiencing radio problems?

This is being asked on the q and a

I can only imagine 6 robots chasing each other around on 100ft teathers.

I think the easiest solution at this point is to have all the veteran teams bring as many radios as they can from previous years. Then we all label our radios and “check them out” to other teams. These get returned at the end of the competition and we’re in business. I know we have at least 6 of them laying around. Hopefully they’re ready to comment on this real soon. I understand if they want to make sure there’s a problem first. But we’re a week and a half from competition…

I believe this would be the best solution, too. We stopped using this year’s radio after it cut out on us just once. We used last year’s radio for the rest of our testing and will be bringing to our competitions in case the new radios become a large problem and we are allowed to switch them out for the old ones.