Asking For Suggestions: Selling Swerve Modules from China at 1/3 Market Price

Those were two different points; I know where Prusas come from. But China still has duties/import taxes (which I know because I had to pay them for boxes I got from China.) I used Prusas as an example because importing them would be more comparable to swerve modules.

Omios come from China. When we bought ours we did not pay any import duties that I was aware of. Import duties are all over the place depending on what is being imported.

I believe this is due to some mislabeling/misrepresentation of whats actually in the box if I remember correctly.


Is this why it’s a “CNC engraving machine”? Or is that just bad translation?

I believe the exception to this is in the case of a CAN sensor, as that would likely require an ID reservation from FIRST for the CAN network.

I’m not sure what you mean here? CAN ID is set on a per-device basis, not per device type. I am not aware of any reserved IDs on our networks, can you share more information on what you are referring to?

You can get reserved manufacturer ids from FIRST that you use to address your company’s products.

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Gotcha. So in this image from that link, the CAN ID that is set on a device (motor controller or whatever other device) is the “device number” field value? Do the device type and manufacturer code get inferred from the class instantiated in the code?

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Yeah. So when you make a new LittleEngineThatCould(4) in code and set something, IThinkICAN’s vendordep would send out a message with a Device Type corresponding to LittleEngineThatCould and a Manufacturer code corresponding to IThinkICAN. Apart from listening for the universal heartbeat and the disable message, I don’t think rest of the fields have to actually be followed.


Garden tools valued at $200 was in my Omio box. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll see if I can find what ours was. Is that on the box, or the receipt, or what?

On the customs paperwork taped to the box.

Mine said that it was a $500 stainless steel desktop engraver. I wonder if at the time there might have been a tariff on aluminum.


Rip, we almost certainly don’t have that anymore, but good to know. Considering we bought ours direct, we probably got the same treatment lol.

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