ASME Scholarship Questions?

This is a LAST MINUTE NOTICE in case you are putting together nominations / applications for the ASME/FIRST Scholarship. We’re seeing some common concerns/questions coming in, so thought we’d send reminder, in case you are working on these in the next few days…

As you know, the postmark deadline is Friday March 1, and we are offering SEVEN $5K scholarships to students (graduating seniors) planning to pursue Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET).

(1) Please remember, all nominators MUST be members of ASME - the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. That is NOT the same as SME - the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and NOT everyone who has received an SME-FIRST Card.

If you’re still looking for members in your area, ASME Regional offices and leaders can be contacted via:

Information on ASME Membership can be found at 1-800-THE ASME, or at [email protected], or at:

(2) Please make sure you follow the application information and use forms from our website:
with forms downloadable at:

Any other questions, please contact me (by reply) or Theresa Oluwanifise at [email protected].

Looking forward to your applications, and good luck with the regional and national Competitions!!

  • Edie

Can one person send in more than 1 nomination? Please contact me ASAP because I have no one to sponsor me!

[email protected]


ASME members or student members may nominate no more than one student for the scholarship. See the earlier posting for other ways to contact ASME members, or contact us for additional questions.

Good luck!


hey i have some questions, ia m an h4 and im depending on my dad. i dont have a social security number and the fafsa and many other scholarships require the ssn. is there any way for me to apply for those scholarships? if so how? and another question is is there other scholarships that i can apply to?