I can use PHP, but since that’d be only on my computer which is off a lot, I decided to do this in ASP.

What I want to do is install ASP on my Windows XP Home. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do on Home, but is possible on Pro. If it is possible, can someone point me to some resources?

Thanks in advance.

install ASP? ASP is MS’s proprietary server generated page language (active server page, i believe). If you mean install the IIS server (MS’s web server that can server ASP pages) im pretty sure you can on professional and its probably on the Win XP CD. If you mean some sort of development environment (im pretty sure the major web development programs can handle it), then…uhhh… install it.

IIS…yes. That’s what I ment. For an IDE, I’d use NotePad :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info

I would personally go with an apache server (nice and free) and install php and sql. Thats what our teams site uses =D

For an HTML/PHP editor i use TextPad.

I’ve got Apache, PHP, and MySQL already installed on this computer (no problem). Thing is though that this computer is not on all the time. So, that’s why I want to do this in ASP, because all the free PHP hosts aren’t what I’m looking for. I have a Brinkster account (ASP/Access host for free). Since I don’t have enough time in school to do website stuff anyways, I figured do it at home. Reason for me wanting to install IIS/ASP on a PC is because I don’t want to have to log into Brinkster everytime, and plus it’d make it easier for me on a few levels.

Sorry if this is a bunch of rambling. I’m very tired today.

ohh I see I misunderstood your situation; My Bad. Im not that big on ASP but this looks helpful.

I might even dl it and check it out.

Thank you a lot! :smiley:

This seems exactly like what I want, I’m gonna take a swing at it and see what it turns out to be like.

Well, WebMatrix is a free alternative to Visual Studio. It’s for ASP.NET development mostly… which is significantly different than ASP 3.0. I believe FIRST includes an academic copy of Visual Studio in the kit. If you have it, mise as well use it :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the .NET framework on your system before installing WebMatrix or Visual Studio.

The engineers said for me to just use last years Visual Studio. Thanks for informing me though :slight_smile:

It seems to work just fine for ASP 3 though, so I’m not complaining.

when you get tired of ASP 3 i highly suggest you move to ASP.NET…I used to mess with ASP 3.0 and it is very functional, but .NET is soooo much more powerful…NET you get a choice of languages too (C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, and J#) instead of what is essentially VBScript in ASP 3.0…

I’ve been thinking of that. The thing though is that Brinkster (as far as I know) doesn’t allow ASP.NET for free sites. I’d pay for hosting, but there’s reasons for me not (trust me, if I was to buy hosting…I’d be using PHP right now).

ASP3 is good enough for right now for what I need to do. I’m gonna start thinking of knowing .NET though pretty soon though.

maybe i am confused, but if you just want to learn about .NET, you can set it up on the existing IIS Server you are using for ASP 3.0 (trust me I have done it many times before)…and you don’t need VS.NET if you do not want, codebehinds are for the weak anyways, you can just do the .NET code in Notepad if that suits you… :cool:

Can’t you run Apache2+PHP on Windoze?

Yes, there’s a setup program that makes it even easier though. Search for “phpdev” (w/o quotes) at