Assembling Super Shifters to AM14U Drive Base Kit

Hey Guys,
We are planning to use Super Shifters with this year’s KoP Drive Base Kit AM14U. AM14U is designed for ToughBoxes and there is a upgrade kit for Sonic Shifters in AndyMark. However we are a team from Turkey and we have already ordered Super Shifters. Do you have any idea about how can we use Super Shifters in AM14U? Good luck and greetings from Turkey!


I am looking at the documentation for both the AM14U and the Super Shifters.

Since I do not have CAD software at work, I can’t check the CAD files on AndyMark’s website. I would suggest you download the CAD for the AM14U and the Super Shifter (click on Files and Documents) and see if you can align them using existing holes or locate positions to drill mounting holes. Additionally, you can contact Andy Baker on this forum or send AndyMark an email at [email protected].

NOTE: AndyMark will not be shipping until the state of emergency due to weather is lifted.

Aligning them in CAD and identifying where to drill mounting holes is the approach 4464 took when picking our gearboxes. We’re using the KOP chassis with WCP 3-CIM gearboxes, and it appears we need only drill two holes, enlarge two others, and add a small piece of aluminum strip with two holes drilled in it to mount them securely.

There are two ways to incorporate the Super Shifter into the AM14U. One way is to change over the Super Shifter to a Sonic Shifter. The mounting holes for the Sonic Shifter are already on the AM14U.

In order to change over a Super Shifter to a Sonic Shifter, these parts need to be purchased:

One - Sonic Shifter Motor Plate ([am-2506](
One - Sonic Shifter Shaft Plate ([am-2507](
Two - Sonic Shifter Spacer ([am-2508](

See below for the second way.

Thank you for this info, but please don’t be alarmed by our weather situation here in Indiana, as the Emergency state was for only one day, and we were able to still pack boxes during that day. Orders are moving.

This is good advice for the second method to mount Super Shifters to the AM14U also.

Andy Baker

We checked the CAD files on AndyMark and I think we will be able to mount Super Shifters if we make several differences in chasis. We can also add a piece of aluminum to drill new wholes as we want. Thank you all for your valuable help.