Assembly Instructions for BaneBots Sport Dual Motor Gearbox?

Am I just blind, or is there no assembly instructions for the Sport Dual Motor Gearbox included in this year’s KOP. I can’t find the instructions on AndyMark and I can’t even see the gearbox on Banebots’ website.

You aren’t blind, it looks like we just forgot to finalize / upload those! Assembly is pretty simple so we have opted to explain it in an exploded view. The only step of note is that you have to make sure the boss on the one side of the large gear is facing towards the motors.

That PDF and the 3D CAD of all the different configurations is now up on the product page.


2 quick questions to piggyback off of this question.

  1. We were able to assemble our gearbox, but is there any way to extend the shaft on this?
  2. is it possible to couple a 3/8 shaft into a larger one, like a 1/2 inch?


You have a few options here. If you have a lathe and mill you can machine your own output shaft to any length and size by copying the geometry of the shaft you got. You can bolt a 3/8 hex hub to a 1/2 hex hub (or any other hub) to interface to a different shaft type. Or you can use our 3/8" hex to 1/2" hex adapter to drive 1/2" hex things.

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Thank you! Never considered bolting hub to hub!