Assembly Summary Videos

Hello CDers,

I had a thought last night while I was NOT developing lesson plans (I love being a teacher during the holidays). We all know that while games may change each year, some things are as constant as seed-time and harvest. You will have to use some sort of manipulator, will have to drive across the field, have to pick up items, and many other things that seem to follow a pattern from game to game.

With that in mind, it seems that a great resource would be a video compilation of the best of each type of manipulator/drive-train/etc. in each category. This way, rookie teams and teams that are new to different game-types can see what has worked before without digging through the competition videos.

If anyone is interested in helping expand this idea, I would be appreciative. Let me know how it could be improved, made more robust, or anything else you may suggest.


Perhaps a good place to start would be the “First Behind the Design” books that were published a couple years ago. They include extensive overviews of successful robots from specific years. You could include some of these in your presentation or atleast use the books as a starting point for recomendations on robots that would be worth researching?

Here’s the amazon links:

AndyMark has a YouTube account that goes over simple assemblies. Drive chassis, mounting tough boxes, etc.

Their YouTube channel is here. Best of luck.

There is also a series of presentations on the AndyMark site. Some of these are a bit dated, but manipulators are manipulators and the physics hasn’t changed much since 2005.