I’ve been digging online, but it’s mostly “No more ugly assembly!”. Does anyone have any suggestions for docs/places for Assembly for the PIC 18F8520?

(PS- I’d appreciate page numbers for microchip’s docs)

Well, here’s a book that might work. And this is the data sheet for the PIC 18F8520.

Also, try searching under Asm or Assembler if you haven’t already, some people shorten it as those.

Check out pages 267-302 of that document. It’s basically just a list of all the instructions that are available to you, so you’ll need to understand something of how assembly works beforehand. If you don’t, I highly recomend Randal Hyde’s “Art of Assembly.” You can find the 16-bit DOS version for free at Note that it was written for x86 architectures, but it will at least give you an overview of how assembly works in general.