Assign name to Double Solenoid

How do I assign a name to my double solenoid to I can control it in teleop? Here is the code I am now using (based on the example in LabVIEW for Solenoid with Cylinder):

And here is how I was assigning the name when I was just doing a simple solenoid code:


That looks right except I’m not sure why in the 2nd picture, there are red Coercion dots on the left side of the Open VI. Delete the constants you have there, right click each terminal and select Create → Constant.

In TeleOp and Finish, use Solenoid RefNum Registry Get VI instead of the Set. Notice the arrow is on the right pointing out of the VI rather than on the left pointing into the VI.


Here are full instructions for combining the joystick and solenoid examples and then pulling that into the Robot Project. How to code the Logitech joystick button in Labview? - #3 by Jonathan_L