Assigning weight values

I know how to set iproperties for parts to get weights, but how do I set the weight of a mocked up part (a motor, a victor, etc…) that I know the weight of?

As far as I know, there is no way to just tell it the weight. Also, I am just curious as to the use of this. I would hollow out a portion of it to lighten it, or stick a piece of denser metal inside it to weighten it. Also, there is the guess and check method. Just go and change the material properties until it weighs about right. Also, wouldn’t this mess up the center of mass? I just see a lot of problems without a whole lot of purpose. Whatever the reason, I hope my suggestions helped.

If I remember correctly, go to File | Properties and there should be an option for an assigned weight (it changes the weight icon from a calculator—i.e. calculated weight—to a hand).

That’s in Inventor 11, anyway, which I don’t have installed at the moment.

or just leave it massless and add the weight to the total yourself, since you know it already

As far as I remember (I haven’t used Inventor in a year…Solidworks all the way :)) just click the box Inventor displays the calculated weight in, and type in the known weight value, and it should override it

Awesome! that did it.

I like solidworks/Catia better too… I just don’t have a license anymore.

Brandon: I was just removing them from the assembly temporarily and adding the mass like you said. It’s just really convenient to go to the iproperties for the entire assembly and get an extremely accurate weight (including fasteners).