Assist Strategy

Would it not be efficient if there were each alliance robot in a separate zone that has the ability to catch, pick up, and throw? If assists are generally the major objective to earn big points, why not have each alliance robot stationed in each zone and have the three assists to earn the max points on a scoring drive.

If your alliance can pull it off, yes it would be very efficient. The tough part will be actually pulling it off. As far as actual strategy goes, this does seem to be the ideal way to play.

Have you seen arguments against this strategy? I’m slightly confused as to the reason of your post.

Welcome to Chief Delphi though! Use it to your advantage but do your research and read the manual before you post. Remember that the search tool is your friend! That’s about the best advice I can give you.

Yes it would. I think we should all do that. (Searching for my magic wand.)

If you find your wand may I barrow it.