Assistance with Robot Storage


This year the Tiki Techs are having an all northern California FRC competition season.

We are competing at CASF and CADA and are very excited to meet up with some old friends as well as making many new ones!

I am reaching out to you, the teams in those areas, for some assistance.

Since crate shipping from Hawaii is monumentally expensive we are bringing our robot as checked in luggage.
Our robot has been broken down and bagged into several airline luggage size restricted boxes.

We would really love that after the reassembly and competition in San Francisco, keeping our robot assembled for Sacramento.

We are traveling between so many places on our trip.
The team is staying in at least 5 different hotels and not staying in once place very long.

Besides the wonderful regionals, we have many college and industry tours planned, and yes some fun too, as many of my students have never left the islands…

My concern is after all the recent thefts of robots and personal belongings, I would really like NOT to tote our robot around during our time between the two regional competitons.

We are asking if there is anyone that would store our bagged robot between the two regionals?

I will be renting a pickup and will deliver and pickup as needed. If there is a location in Sacramento I will deliver the robot there after SF regional if that is what it takes.

Thank you all for your help!

Hi Mr. H.

We are located in Davis, only a few blocks away from the CADA event venue.

We’d be happy to store your bagged robot (and anything else you need stored) between Week 3 and Week 4.

PM me if you’d like!




We will be packing our totes over the next few day and will get you an estimate of what we would need stored… Probably just the robot and if possible our totes of tools and spares.

I will PM you my direct contact info so we can coordinate.

Thanks so much!

Can’t wait to work with you and Devin again!